Srinagar, 07 June: Saqib Abdullah Malik S/O Muhammad Abdullah Malik hailing from Yaripora area of district Kulgam.

He has done his schooling from SSM Higher Secondary School Parray Pora, Srinagar, and now doing his Higher studies at S.P HR. Sec. School Srinagar.

Saqib While talking to Kashmir Bulletin, said that I am a self-taught Vector Artist, I have learnt all the things my self.

Talking about my art, as you can see we have lot of Artists in our Kashmir Valley, but my art is totally different from all of them. I am a Vector Artist, and a Vector artwork is art that’s made up of vector graphics. These graphics are points, lines, curves and shapes that are based on mathematical formulas.

Any art made with vector illustration software like Adobe Illustrator is considered vector art.

But now talking about my technique I totally do all the job manually “ I firstly import the picture on my Mobile Phone, then I trace the whole image, then I do all the shading process manually, and it takes me a lot of time to do. Usually a simple image takes about 9 to 10 hours to Complete”, he said.

Talking about his inspiration, “ One day I was sitting in my room and I was watching a youtuber namely BAKUS and there I saw his portrait and I got inspired, and from that day I started to learn about this art form and today Alhamdulillah I am fully trained in my art form” he said .