Scores of PDP, NC Workers from Mughal Mohalla Kantabagh & Ganie Mohalla Palpora in Eidgah join Apni Party

_Mohammad Ashraf Palpori welcomes the new entrants_

*SRINAGAR, January 14:* Scores of PDP & NC workers on Friday joined Apni Party at Mughal Mohalla Kantabagh & Ganie Mohalla Palpora Eidgah in presence of Apni Party In-charge Constituency Eidgah and SMC Chairman Street Lights Mohammad Ashraf Palpori.

On this occasion, two Mohalla Committees were formed wherein Khurshid Ahmed Rather was elected as Mohalla President for Mughal Mohalla alongwith Ajaz Ahmed Burza as Vice President, Abdul Salaam Ganie as Secretary & Mohammed Maqbool Dar as Treasurer.

Besides, Abdul Rashid Ganie was elected as President for Ganie Mohalla alongwith Tariq Ahmed Ganie as Vice p
President, Ghulam Mohammed Bhat as Secretary and Ghulam Mohammad Ganie as Treasurer.

Welcoming the new entrants into the party-fold, Palpori impressed upon them to work diligently for the public welfare and put forth unstinted efforts for the redressal of public grievences in their locality.

“Apni Party remains the only viable Political Platform that has immensely contributed in the resolution of public grievences. The credit of securing land rights and job rights for the people of J&K goes to the Party leadership who are currently vigourously raising other pertinent demands before the government,” he said.

He said that Apni Party is committed to provide a fair and transparent governance to the people that will be marked with peace, prosperity and development.

On this occasion, the new entrants lauded the efforts of Mohammad Ashraf Palpori in Eidgah Constituency and pledged to further strengthen party cadres at grassroots level.