Mohsin Rashid, A very talented sketch artist from Pulwama


Sajid Ashraf Wani


Pulwama:Dec-11-2021: Mohsin, is a student by profession and sketch artist by passion. He has been awarded with many certificates so far for his beautiful sketches.


Mohsin a class ist year student is a sketcher. He started his work when he was in class 9th.


He said “I loved drawing since childhood. It was my favorite pass time and was always passionate about it. I haven’t taken any professional training for it, I have learned drawing through trials and errors”.I am way too much observant and details oriented too. You can give me a portrait and can see a gorgeous portrait transformed into a digital painting or a beautiful sketch or artistic lowpoly art.


My love and passion for sketching. I do sketching wherever and whenever I get time, he said.


“When I started sketching first I do a rough drawing on a page and that helps to make a perfect sketch in perfect position on the paper. And when you have drawn a rough sketch it gives you the confidence to make your sketch perfect and gives you new ideas to make the sketch even more brighter, Mohsin further said.


I am mostly into potrait sketching, But as it is my dream I try all types of sketches


He is not a live sketcher but sometimes when he get a chance to draw a live sketch he just say to the people in front of him, “Just look at how I’m sketching you” and at that point just I think I’m taking a picture, not of a living person. It helps me to easily draw a live sketch.


“Keep working hard. love the system, and the system will loves you.


“Talking about family support, Mohsin said, “My family has always supported me, whether in my studies or in my work.


“My life’s dream is to become an artist and create something new in the future that is very different from other arts.


He sent a message to the youth of Kashmir that if you want to move forward in your life, do not hide your talents, if you show your talents, you will achieve your goal.