Dar Muneeb

A teenage boy from Handwara in north Kashmir is a sketcher and calligrapher who has won many hearts on social media.

Kaiser Rehman (16), son of Abdul Rehman, is a sketch and calligraphy artist. He started his career when he was in 7th class, then he started making sketches, which later became a trend on social media.

Qaiser, a 10th class student, said it takes seven to eight hours to complete a high-quality photo.

In addition, Kaiser is working on pencil and pen art, poster color art, calligraphy and projects such as wall painting, paper craft, etc. “I learned wall painting in the tenth grade.” Wall painting is a piece of wall, artwork that is applied to paint or directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surface. A distinguishing feature of wall painting is that the architectural elements of a given space are harmoniously incorporated into the image.

Kaiser dedicates his success to his parents and followers. “I dedicate my success to my family and followers who loved me so much and I am now known because of them,” says Kaiser.

Talking about family support, Kaiser said, “My family has always supported me, whether in my studies or in my work.”

My life’s dream is to become an artist and create something new in the future that is very different from other arts.

He sent a message to the youth of Kashmir that if you want to move forward in your life, do not hide your talents, if you show your talents, you will achieve your goal.