Sahil Gulzar

Srinagar, June 01:In this era, especially these days in Kashmir, we are witnessing a market rise in drug abuse and alcohol related incidents. Youth are inclined towards evil practices, bad habits. Not just substance abuse, unhealthy eating habits are leading youth towards more health problems. Amid all these uncertain times, Kashmir is seeing a ray of hope in the form of a young gym trainer, Imtiyaz Dar.

This dynamic trainer is all willing to train the youth free of cost. “I want to see Kashmir a drug free, alcohol free society. The new generation is full of talent, but due to unfavorable circumstances in our valley, our youth are stuck in the room of hopelessness. They need a push, and I’m sure sports and bodybuilding will help them for a greater good, of an individual as well as society”, says Imtiyaz Dar who alongside fitness trainer is an fresh entrepreneur face, owner of the largest wooden manufacturer factory, Kash Wood, located in Narbal, Srinagar.

A few houses down the lane where Imtiyaz lives, we met Adil Teli. He’s the same young talent who recently set a new record for cycling from Kashmir to Kaniyakumari (3600 kms) in just 8 days, 1 hour and 37 minutes. We had a brief chat with him and he praised the selfless efforts of Imtiyaz Dar helping him along during his practice Adil Teli before attempting for world record.

“Imtiyaz has helped several youth to overcome financial constraints and worked days and nights together to see them grow professionally”, says 23 years old cycling sensation of Kashmir.
An hour later we had an opportunity to meet Akbar Khan, one of the prominent cyclists of country. He holds Imtiyaz Dar in high esteem, praises his efforts to see youth prosper and grow towards a new dawn. “Imtiyaz is one of those rare people who always keeps himself second. His first priority is putting in some extra efforts, lend a helping hand, to the youth of his locality as well as outside locality”,says Akbar Khan.

As we were about to leave, we were greeted by a famous cricketer in Imitiyaz’s locality, Javid Ahmed, famously known as ‘Jaddu’. He added to the dedication and character of a good samaritan of Imtiyaz, “I know Imtiyaz personally and am aware of his contributions to the society. We need more people, especially youth, like him.
Imtiyaz Dar is determined to help the society come out of this drug menace and alcohol abuse. He’s all willing to help, dedicated to make a difference and through his fitness and gym training abilities. And, as an entrepreneur, he’s ready to expand his business beyond his hometown, to other places of Kashmir. “The more I grow, greater I’ll be able to create job opportunities for our youth. My vision is clear, pray that I’m able to help needy people”, with a smile on his face concluded Imitiyaz Dar.