Kashmir Is Blessed With Talent :Faqra Rashid Mir Artist from Qammarwari Srinagar


Kashmir Is Blessed With Talent :Faqra Rashid Mir Artist from Qammarwari Srinagar


Ubaid Mukhtar


Faqra Rashid Mir from Qammarwari Srinagar is an engineer and have done B.tech from National Institute of technology, Srinagar in civil engineering and am currently pursuing M.tech in Geotechnical engineering from Delhi Technological University and is a painting, calligraphy artist.


Talking To Eternal Kashmir Faqra said, I have been painting since I can remember. As a child I just loved colors , I used to finish my papers early so I would doodle at the back of my question papers in the remaining time.

She said I work mainly with acrylics on canvas, oil colors , portraits with charcoal and have recently started merging calligraphy, mandala and acrylics on canvas. I also use micron pens and prepare detailed drawings of historical buildings, beautiful mosques and conceptual paintings.

I am an obsessive reader and am fond of learning about various artists and their works. I am a huge Van Gogh fan and have tried to blend their techniques in my art . The way he would observe a place and then draw it in a way that he sees it, Faqra said.


I used to make paintings for my friends and relatives all the time, but after I moved to srinagar again as our classes went online due to the pandemic I had some time so I started painting on large canvases(90*60cm), some were for my home and some for my relatives. My friends and relatives insisted that I should have an art account so everyone will be able to see my work. Honestly I never thought I painted that well, I know artists , the ones I have read about, I know I am not nearly good as them , but Alhamdulilah I am getting good with each passing day. I started my art account a few months back and am learning new things each day from the artists that I follow. Its very nice to experience the rich culture of art that the artists of our valley offer.


How do you balance between art and studying?

For me studying and art goes hand in hand. Whenever I stress myself out too much with work and studies , I turn to art and it provides me an escape. It instantly clears my head.


It instantly clears my head and I am able to turn back to studying.


Message to youth?

My message to youth is “If you are good at something be it art, music, poetry, dance , writing don’t leave its hand , try to nurture your skills everyday with perserverance.



Give time to your studies, but have a healthy balance with your creative side too. Strive with persistence and achieve your goals one day at a time, you will surely succeed, She said. (Eternal Kashmir)