Deadly Delays, the matter of concern, big question to the authorities A Painful Mixture of Unemployment and Inflation


    Shah Zakir

    Jammu and Kashmir : Unfortunately, rising unemployment, with the addition of high inflation, has smashed the fragile and weak citizens, especially the young aspirants.


    Pandemic has already devastated the savings of the population and now this inflation is working like a vacuum, swallowing every saved penny. Things are going out of control, and it is being fuelled by the rising figure of unemployment.


    All the prominent institutions of JK UT are suffering from delays and scams. Every time the aspirants have to remind the recruiting organisations that it has been too delayed, let’s move a bit further in the process. A normal recruitment takes 2-3 years plus to get completed. JKSSB, the Spring of Employment in JK UT, is testimony to how fast things are getting completed.


    The same is happening with other institutions like Kashmir University, whose recruitment notification of 2019 is still lingering and needs urgent completion.


    We request all those concerned to feel the pain of aspirants. If there are vacancies, fill them in a reasonable time-frame and without any ambiguity in the rules to avoid court delays.