Fungicides to be sprayed at Petalfall stage and fruitlet/pea size stage (keeping in view current weather conditions ).

Apple growers of valley are  informed that  they should spray Difenoconacole (Rubigan-D, score casper karara) /Flusilazole (Governor, casper) at fruitlet stage.
However those orchards that have passed petalfall stage and  are now at fruitlet(Pea size) stage they are supposed to go for spray of systemic fungicides again like Trifloxytrobin+Tubeconacole(Nativo), Zineb +Hexaconazole(Avtar),Dodine(superstar, Noor), Metiram+pyraclostrobin(Cabriotop, clutch).
Becoz atleast 5% primary scab is still present in orchards that may result in secondary scab especially fruit scab. To arrest secondary scab farmers should spray above mentioned fungicides. Meanwhile all those orchards that they are free from primary scab infection  are supposed to go and contact fungicides lyk Mancozeb, Propineb, Zineb, captan…./ Thanks.